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EuroAM Meeting 2017 - SUPREME Project

DELLAS is partner of SUPREME EU Project. The project consortium is composed of 17 members from 8 countries, 5 big research organizations and 6 SMEs that will ensure a successful implementation towards market applications.
SUPREME aims at optimizing powder metallurgy processes throughout the supply chain. It will focus on a combination of fast-growing industrial production routes and advanced ferrous and non-ferrous metals. By offering more integrated, flexible and sustainable processes for powders manufacturing and metallic parts fabrication, SUPREME enables the reduction of the raw material resources (minerals, metal powder, gas and water) losses while improving energy efficiency and thus carbon dioxide emissions, into sustainable processes and towards a circular economy. 5 applications sectors are targeted: automotive, aeronautics, cutting tools, molding tools and medical.
The process key differentiation advantages will bring modularity, flexibility and sustainability to powder metallurgy and will reduce the total cost breakdown of these technologies boosting their adoption in the industry.